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Growing Mint : All-in-one guide

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of growing mint are? Stay put, as the list is long.

Mint is widely known for its culinary, medicinal, and herbal use. It’s a good source of Vitamin A and antioxidants that are responsible for keeping health intact.


It’s also useful for daily household needs whether, it’s for scenting up the space or using it as a repellent. So yes! A mint plantation is a must for your garden.

Now, if you are wondering how to grow mint? Read through: 

Requirements for Growing Mint

Mint is an invasive species. It means that the herb can spread aggressively throughout the garden. So, it’s best to grow them inside the container outdoors as that way, it wouldn’t spread easily.

Besides that, here are some other requirements for mint plantation:

Planting time: Spring, after the frost

Planting site: Damp, moist area with well-drained soil, fertile soil with compost, full sun or part shade,

Soil acidity: Slightly acidic to neutral pH

Water: Requires moist but not completely soggy soil; water the plant every morning.

Temperature: Depends on the mint species

Humidity: Requires humid conditions; can struggle in low humidity


  • Keep the cuttings/small plants about 18 inches to two feet away from each other.
  • Trim the leaves once it starts spreading unnecessarily.

Make sure you have herb-growing accessories like pots, potting mix, and herb-growing tools

How to Grow Mint?

Now that you know about all the essentials for mint plantations let’s learn how you can grow them. Mints can be grown through cuttings or in pots.

Cuttings are plant sections sourced from a stem, leaf, or root. It can grow as a new plant in warm/moist sand.

Let’s learn how can grow mints through the same:

Growing Mint from Cuttings

To grow mint from cutting, you will have to cut healthy and non-flowering sprigs from a mint plant. You can get mint sprigs in the market too.

Now, you will need about two inches of the bare stem at the lower end. For instant propagation, cut the sprig at a 45-degree angle.

Mint Cutting
Mint Cutting

If you want, you can use growth hormone for healthier roots too.

Now, if you are using growth hormones, you can plant the sprigs directly in the soil mix for good drainage. If you aren’t, dip about two inches of the plant in water for 4 weeks so that the roots can develop.

Once it does, plant the mint in the potting soil. Make sure that the soil temperature is maintained at 60-70 degrees. After 6-8 weeks, you will notice some growth in the plant.

Growing Mint in Pots

To grow mint in pots, get a pot or a container with a drainage hole (12 inches) at the bottom. Add some fertilizer and plant the mint safely inside the potting soil.

Mint in pots
Mint in pots

Make sure to put the pot in a place that receives adequate sunlight (6 hours a day) with little shade. It’s also recommended to check the potting mix and see if it’s too dry to touch.

The plant cannot tolerate drought for long, so you must be careful. Mint plants, when provided the right conditions, can grow mint flowers naturally.

Growing Mint From Seeds

To grow mint from seeds, cover the mint seeds lightly with the potting soil. Make sure that the soil remains moist until germination occurs. It will take about two months for the mint plants (grown from seeds) to become large enough for harvesting.

Growing Mint Indoors and Outdoors

You can grow mint both indoors and outdoors. However, it grows better outside than indoors.

For outdoor planting, you will have to sow the seed about 8-20 weeks before the last frost. Meanwhile, for indoor plantings, you will have to sow the seed after the last frost date.

Mint Outdoors
Mint Outdoors

In both cases, the seeds should be sown about ¼ inches deep with lightly covered soil. The germination time for both indoor and outdoor mint plantations is 7-14 days.

For indoor mint, make sure the plant is exposed to a sunny, south-facing window. Meanwhile, for outdoor mint, the plant should face partial or full sun.   To get the best out of an indoor plantation, it’s worth trying Aerogarden mint.

What is Aerogarden Mint?

Aerogarden is a self-contained growing system that’s designed for indoor gardening. It utilizes the system of hydroponics and aeroponics to grow herbs indoors. The mints that are grown through the Aerogarden system are called Aerogarden mints.

The Aerogarden system provides nutrients/water to the plant roots without using soil. The herbs in the Aerogarden are likely to grow five times more than in traditional gardening.

It’s also pretty easy to use and set up. So, even beginners can use it to start gardening. If you are interested in growing hydroponic herbs, read my blog post

That’s it! Hopefully, now you know how to plant mint in your garden. After planting mint, make sure to take it’s extra care so that the refreshing taste and benefits remain intact.

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