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Herb Growing Accessories

Herb Growing Accessories and Tools

Want to jump in and get started growing herbs or just want to see how to take your herb growing to the next level? Below are the items we have used or that are popular when it comes to growing herbs. These can usually be found at your local nursery or hardware store. The items below are listed on Amazon (as they are usually well-priced) for you to purchase or have a look to get an idea of the types of products available.

Herb Pots

Wild Pact Set of 3 Cork Plant Pots

If you want to add some natural, plastic free charm into your home, this plant pot and saucer set is the perfect choice. A sustainable eco product, you can be rest assured you’re not harming the planet with these flower pots.


 Able to grow a wide range of indoor plants including herbs, succulents, cacti and flowers, this succulent planter set is super versatile. 

Barnyard Designs Herb Pot Planter Set with Tray

 Fill these decorative pots with small plants, flowers or mini succulents. They’re perfect for keeping your fresh herbs and spices like basil and rosemary inside and close at hand! A beautiful and functional item for your kitchen or home. Display on a windowsill, counter, desktop or tabletop.

Flower Pots, 5 Pack 6 inch Plastic Plant Pots with Drainage Holes and Saucers

  • Garden Plant Pots
  • Drainage Hole
  • Removable Plant Saucer
  • Indoor Use
  • Outdoor Use


OurWarm Windowsill Herb Planter Box Indoor Set of 3

Through two absorbent cotton ropes, the self watering pots provide water to the soil and keep the soil moist through the principle of osmosis, without having to water the plants regularly.

Amazing Creation Stackable Planter

Gardening Made Easy – Each pod accommodates 5” plants which makes it easy to mix a large variety of different vegetable, flowers, succulents, greens herbs and lettuce planter a tiered planter


Vertical Elevated Garden Bed Perfect for Herbs

Our vertical garden bed has five tiers plant boxes, each bottom of the box has two drainage hole, which can prevent plants or flowers from rot or over-drying. The garden bed has 4 wheels, so you could move it indoor or outdoor as you want.

Self-Watering Pots

SAROSORA 4 inch Self Watering Planter

SAROSORA 4 inch Self Watering Planter Modern Decorative Pot for Potting  Herbs (Set of 3)

Vanslogreen Self Watering Pots

Vanslogreen plant pots designed the saucer as a reservoir to store a large amount of water at once, separats the reservoir from the potting soil. When the plant needs water, the water is diverted from the reservoir to the soil by using absorbent cotton ropes. Pots for indoor plants can meet the water needs of plants for a week or more.

GrowLED Self Watering Planter Pots

It’s self-watering! The handy water level indicator let’s you know when and how much to water you’re indoor herbs. Watering is reduced to weeks instead of days.

Potting Mix For Herbs

Professional Indoor Herb Plant Soil

SUPPORT YOUR INDOOR HERB’S GROWTH – Give your plants the nourishing environment it needs to thrive! This premixed, ready to use soil blend is made up of premium non-organic all-purpose soil.

Premium Organic Potting Natural Soil Mix

ALL-NATURAL MIX: Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix is formulated with plant food & coconut coir to promote seed & root growth and healthy flower, vegetable & herb plants. OMRI Listed for organic use. This premium mix releases essential nutrients immediately.

Espoma Organic Potting Soil Mix - All Natural Potting Mix

Not just an indoor potting soil, this can also be used as a potting soil for outdoor plants and is a great soil mix for vegetables, herbs & all other container plants & flowers.

Indoor Herb Garden - Hydroponics

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System, 10 pods Smart Garden

Hydroponic System: Designed with a silent water-pump circulation system, flowing the water, increasing the water-oxygen, help plants growing faster than soil. No mess, No season limitation.

Smart Garden 3 + The ?Herbs go with everything? Kit

Smart Garden 3 + The “Herbs go with everything” Kit

A Smart Garden that does all the work + a set of Chives, Rosemary and Parsley plant pods that’ll last you a whole year. 

AeroGarden Harvest with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

INCLUDES GOURMET HERB SEED KIT (6-POD) – Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint & a 3oz bottle of our patented, all natural Plant Nutrients

ALWAYS HOMEGROWN: FRESH & SAFE – Up to 6 plants grow at a time, up to 12“ tall with this indoor garden. Grows in water – no soil, no mess, made simple.

Herb Growing Tools

6.5 Inch Gardening Scissors

These quality snips come with stainless steel precision-sharpened blades and are ready to tackle all of your deadheading, trimming, and shaping jobs for your roses, annuals, vegetable, bonsai and small-flower gardens

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Entire Kit Is Certified USDA Organic – Most kitchen herb garden germination kits only include organic seeds, but their soil and pots are sometimes treated with harmful chemicals and pesticides. We are strong believers in sustainable, eco friendly, fully organic systems that are safe for our families and women, men, kids and every grower.

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves

We believe gardening should be safe and fulfilling. Avoid skin wounds and dirty hands and nails when doing yard chores. Why walking around with those thick and clumsy gloves while doing jobs around the house? How much more enjoyable would garden chores be, when you wear protective gloves with a snug fit?

Books About Herbs

The Homesteader's Herbal Companion: The Ultimate Guide to Growing, Preserving, and Using Herbs

The Homesteader’s Herbal Companion is a beautiful guide for the modern day homesteader. From learning how to incorporate herbs and essential oils around your home, to learning how to enhance your family’s health and well-being, this book is the go-to guide for those wishing to live a more natural homesteading lifestyle.

The Cook's Herb Garden: Grow, Harvest, Cook

From your garden to your table, and every step in between, this lovely book will guide you through planting, growing, harvesting, and cooking herbs.

Herb Gardening for Beginners

One of the best things about herbs is that you don’t need a large plot of land―or even any outdoor space at all―to grow them successfully. Whether you’re envisioning a small container garden in a sunny window or a raised bed in your yard, Herb Gardening for Beginners provides all the information you need to cultivate herbs for a wide range of purposes.

Herb Related Accessories

Original Huge 8 Layers Herb Drying Rack

Each layer is 8 inches tall, with a 24-inch diameter giving you the functional freedom to lay those herbs on thick. Wide-area, breathable, polyester mesh layers provide the perfect ventilation for quick drying.

Herb Scissors, Herb Stripper with 5 Blade and Cover

Herb scissors wit high-quality stainless steel blades can quickly cut vegetables. The comfortable non-slip handle makes cooking faster and easier. With a cleaning comb, easy to clean and kitchen scissors dishwasher safe.

ZYLISS FastCut Herb Mincer

Handheld Herb Chopper: These high-grade stainless steel cutting blades slice through vegetables and herbs.

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