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Window Herb Garden

Window Herb Garden

Having a decorative and functional window herb garden is easy and definitely something worth exploring if you have an interest in growing herbs. Imagine a pretty windowsill full of fresh herbs in colorful pots, their fragrance wafting throughout the house. Divine!

Where to Begin? Choose your Herbs and the Window

It’s not that difficult to choose herbs and a window for your window herb garden. Just pick a few herb seeds or seedlings and a window with enough sunlight is all that is required. Make sure to pick a spot where you can, ideally, take pleasure in the aroma and appearance of your edible herbs.

Soil, pots, and moreover seeds or plantlets are required for your windowsill herb garden. Alternatively, you can use one of the many windowsill herb garden kits available now of course, which can be less hassle. While a window herb garden kit is an option, you may purchase each part separately to create a more personalized window herb garden full of the herbs that you more frequently use. Your dishes will be more flavorful for many years to come if you combine all these ingredients properly.

Creating Your Window Herb Garden

There are a some simple-to-assemble windowsill herb garden kits. There are many various kinds of kits available, ranging from minor, self-contained setups that can be placed on practically any interior windowsill to large site window boxes. However, if you are looking to create your own window herb garden, where better to start than with the pot or planter.

1.    White Metal Herb Pots

This lovely set of white herb pots are very adorable, and it includes a matching drainage tray. The 4 inch-deep and broad pots are the ideal size for springtime bought herbs and perfect for that farmyard feel.

2.    Herb Garden Planter Box

If you are looking for more of a vintage feel for your herb planter box. You can’t go past the farmhouse herb garden planter box. It comes with an inner liner so there are no spills or leaks.

This small herb windowsill planter is great for small windows and apartments. You can a mixture of herbs (remember to choose ones that grow well together) or keep only herb variety. The size of the planter box 14.5” x 3.5” x 3.5”. A great planter to start to your window herb garden.

3.   Simple White Planter Boxes

Long and slender, this pack of 3 white herb planters is ideal for the windowsill or window herb garden. It has 3 opened drainage holes and 3 reserved holes, conductive to keeping soil drained and ventilated, providing appropriate airflow and promoting plants to grow strong. It is easy to clean with a removable tray.

4. Funny Window Herb Pots

Who can resist a bit of fun in the kitchen with these funny window herb pots. These herb planter pots with tray contain 3 metal flower planters with tray and printed cute funny sayings. They create a lively and fresh look for your home.

Creating a Window Herb Garden

Choosing Herb Seedlings or Seeds

Herbs may be grown from seeds if you have a green thumb. The pots you use for the developed plants may be used to immediately sow the seeds in windowsill herb gardens because they are rather tiny. But, you can transfer seedlings for a speedier harvest. Some herbs’ seeds might take over a month to grow, and then another several weeks before they are ready for harvest. You should purchase young plants if you want to start using recurrent herbs earlier. Herbs like rosemary need a complete growing season before they are suitable for use in the kitchen.

Herb Garden’s Soil Mixture

Almost any of the potting mixes that are offered at nursery will work nicely with herbs. Look for a combination that contains perlite if you want it to drain well. Those are the small white pellets that resemble the stuffing for beanbags. The pellets also prevent soil from compacting. This soil readily absorbs water, and any excess water will trench away rather than destroying your plants’ roots. For a windowsill herb garden, you often do not want too much nourishment. Abundant nutrients will “scorch” plants and reduce the oil production that gives the herbs their delicious flavour. Generally speaking, garden plants need roughly twice as much fertilizer as container plants. A fertilizer made from fish or seaweed is a good choice for herbs.

Sunlight Windowsill Herb Garden

Some herbs need a good amount of exposure to the sun. Best herbs for windowsill like sage, thyme, rosemary, and mint need lots of sunlight. If you want to cultivate herbs that love sun in your windowsill herb garden, choose a spot with southern exposure and little eave overhang.

Some cooking herbs may also thrive with a few hours of sunlight each day. Only around three hours of sunlight each day are required for the growth of chives, parsley, tarragon, and cilantro/coriander.

Perfect Temperature for Herbs Growing

Most plants can withstand freezing temperatures. Herbs thrive in best modern dwellings’ daytime temperatures, which range from 60 to 70 degrees. This works nicely for the interior herb planter since, like most humans, they also like a somewhat colder overnight temperature.

You can definitely still plant your herbs at a windowsill that allows in a large amount of sunlight but becomes chilly in wintertime. Simply place the herbs away from chilly draughts.

Sage, Chives Thyme, and Parsley, are among the best herbs for windows that do best in cooler climates. There is an ideal herb for any environment, which is one advantage of growing herbs inside.

Window Sill Herb Garden Pots

Plants Balancing

Match the plants to the position you have when you plant many herbs in the same container. If you put plants with different needs for water and sunlight in the same planting system, you won’t have much luck.

Choose plants with comparable demands if you want your windowsill herb garden to succeed. Thyme, Rosemary, and Oregano, are best herb for your windowsill can be used to create a Mediterranean herb garden. Warm temperatures, sufficient drainage, and direct sunlight are ideal growing conditions for Mediterranean herbs.


Choose herb container with adequate drainage holes. To avoid damaging your window sills with over-spill while watering, you can also put a tray beneath to catch some runoff.


The smallest container size you should use for growing herbs indoors is a six-inch pot. For minor returning herbs like thyme and dwarf species like Spicy or Greek oregano, this is a good size.

Caring of Windows Herb Garden

You must take care of your window herb garden after you have established it. Herbs will thrive, whether they are grown from seeds or transplanted seedlings, if you pick and prune them often. Harsh and leggy results frequently come from allowing them to develop unchecked.

The supporting stems must “toughen up” to sustain additional development as the plant becomes bigger because it requires extra energy to feed new growth. In most situations, the plant’s new growth is only the consumable portion. If the plant becomes too big for the pot, you can split it and transplant it into another pot.

As you can see, creating a window herb garden is fun, decorative and very rewarding. You can buy a ready made kit or create your own personalised herb garden. There are so many different pot and planter choices and herbs that will suit any environment or location. What are you waiting for, create your windowsill herb garden today!

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